Family and couple psychotherapy


The family is every individual’s greatest resource. It makes us happy and sad, long before we become independent in our lives. Without family we would not exist, we would feel abandoned, hopeless, without identity, and our struggle with life would be unending and exhausting. Sooner or later all families face problems, it is up to their members how and if they solve them.


Often families get stuck in conflict, being overcome by mental and psychological consumption and unable to analyze the situation objectively. In such cases, emotionally charged reactions arise between members: arguments, problems with children or teenagers, frequent and easy crying, addictions, broken relationships, poor life choices, mental instability, etc.


Family therapy helps you to refocus on yourself and works as a helper, first personally and then for the whole family. Family psychotherapy helps you to interact correctly, perhaps sometimes differently from how you are normally used to interact at home. Basically, it will bring a new dynamic in your personal life, a new way of interacting and consuming energy and a new way of thinking; a healthy and assumed relationship for each family member.


Go into therapy alone or with any of your family members who agree to participate. Sometimes one member can have an unsuspected power to change family relationships for the better.


Psychotherapy for couples

It is often the case that only one partner feels that they have a problem and they are intensely confronted with it and end up in a personal impasse, although they receive full support from the other. In such situations, the partner in trouble often looks for solutions on his or her own, but the problems not only persist, they get worse.


If you are in such a situation, we invite you and your partner to therapy. The specialist role is one of support and help.