Basic about Genogram


Some of you may be wondering what it’s like in a psychotherapy session and what happens beyond the words? Intuitively or by hearsay you want methods or techniques that you can use immediately to solve your problems. I, as a systemic psychotherapist use a tool called GENOGRAM in my approach to work.


The Genogram can be used in individual, couple or family therapy. It is similar in structure to the family tree and I build together with the client the structure of the family of origin. In this way we identify patterns of behavior that have been repeated or are repeated in the family and couple’s life.


Together, through the Genogram, we discover and talk about the emotional attachment patterns, the types of relationships between family members or within the couple. The resulting picture helps the client to better understand the dynamics of the life in which he or she was formed as a person, certain situations in the past and how they influence the emotional state in the present, as well as the relationship with the couple or family.


With the help of the Genogram, each person is able to see whether they tend to avoid certain conflicts or whether they want to resolve them passively/superficially. It will also be possible to understand certain tendencies to avoid confrontation or to seek reconciliation at all costs. We can therefore work together in the therapist-client relationship to identify problems and find ways to understand and address them in the most healthy and effective way.